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Retail & Restaurants

Grayson Railyard Train Station
Grayson, GA
10,000 Square Feet
In association with Zanardo Architects

Horner Midtown Market - The Mercantile
Alexandria, Indiana
Mixed-use project
In association with Kovert Hawkins Architects

Mini Cooper of Louisville Car Dealership
Louisville, KY
14,500 Square Feet

Chick-Fil-A, Cameron Village
Raleigh, NC
Unique 2-Story Design
7,000 Square Feet

Chick-Fil-A, Five Points
Birmingham, AL
Representative of Various Chick-fil-A locations
Around the Southeast, Midwest and Central US

Ippolito's Restaurant
Norcross, GA
4,200 Square Feet

Mulberry Walk Retail
Atlanta, GA
31,000 Square Feet