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Structural Engineering Services

Structural Engineering Services

Willett Engineering has over 150 years of combined experience ranging from architectural design to value engineering. Choosing to work with our team ensures your project will not only be completed on time but will meet the expectations of your customers. We strive to be easy to work with and are known for having a personal approach with each project. Willett Engineering is also licensed in 37 different states giving us more flexibility and access to resources.

Having served over 1,300 clients across the United States we have a strong reputation in structural engineering design and consulting services. We have built our business primarily on referrals and repeat clients creating an award winning firm. 

Our projects have included the Marlins Baseball Stadium in Miami, and the IVC Group Manufacturing Plant and Headquarters; a 520,000 square foot facility receiving first place from ACI for Industrial Concrete Construction Projects in Georgia. We have also worked with clients on historic renovation projects like the Georgia Washington Carver Museum and the Coweta County Courthouse which received the Award for Excellence in Restoration from the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation. 

Each of these projects had unique design and budget needs that our staff was able to meet with innovation and care. To see more information about these projects and others visit our portfolio.

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If you are looking for an experienced structural engineer for your project, contact the award-winning team at Willett Engineering today to learn more about our services and how we can help.

We are conveniently located in Tucker, Georgia, just 20 minutes from the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.


As a structural engineering firm with more than 150 years of combined experience, Willett Engineering specializes in providing architectural design consulting on new projects and existing structures. We are licensed in 37 states and our projects have received numerous awards with national recognition.

Our staff provides a broad range of architectural consulting services to ensure that our clients get the expertise and knowledge that they need to complete even the most complex projects. Whether your project is a conventional design or cutting-edge, we use the latest technology and engineering solutions to ensure that architects who partner with us can achieve their vision for the project design.

We will work with your team at whatever capacity is needed, and we are experienced at building working relationships with architects, general contractors, civil engineers and all stakeholders in the process to complete the project according to the original design. To view some of our recent architectural designs visit our portfolio.


Our structural and architectural engineering services are all focused around environmental sustainability and performance-based engineering.


If you are looking for an experienced structural engineer for your project, contact the award-winning team at Willett Engineering today to learn more about our services and how we can help.


At Willett Engineering our goal is to bring value to each construction project with our broad expertise and personal approach. We have a diverse team of professional structural engineers allowing us to provide a wide range of services to keep your project on track and reduce cost. We work with contractors all over the US and are always looking for new projects. 

We provide contractor consulting services to new and on-going projects, specializing in design and analysis of steel, timber and masonry. Our engineers go on-site to perform thorough foundation and special inspections to make sure each project meets the required standards. We understand the importance of cost management and provide value engineering to make sure you stay within budget. 

Our structural and construction engineering projects have included large Industrial and Warehouse projects as well as local school and library sites throughout Georgia. Since 1990 we have been building our reputation on referrals and repeat business and relationships continue to be our first priority.



Ensure your construction project is in the right hands with the Willett Engineering “family”. If you would like to speak to one of our licensed structural engineers about your project, contact us today! For more information about our past projects and experience visit our portfolio.


Willett Engineering is a structural engineering firm located in Atlanta. Willett Engineering provides LEED consulting and sustainable design solutions to contractors and architects throughout the United States. Our project team includes LEED Accredited Professionals (AP) that recognize the benefits of incorporating sustainability best practices into building designs.  The structural engineer contributes to sustainability during each phase of design and will identify design strategies to improve performance over the lifetime of a building.

Our engineering team provides contractors and architects with LEED consulting services for new building sites and existing sites throughout the United States. We have also worked on renovations and repairs to historical preservation sites. Through sustainable design engineering our projects have received LEED Gold Level Certification, LEED Certified Level Certification and recognition from the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.

With our collaborative office environment, advanced technology and sustainable approach we continue to merge innovation and sustainability to produce sustainable, efficient and cost-effective results.


Since 1990 Willett Engineering has been moving toward the future by emphasizing environmental sustainability and economic feasibility. We know how the structural capability of building components may be affected by sustainable strategies and recognize the environmental impact of structural materials. Our LEED project expertise includes:

  • Building durability
  • Building reuse (Maintaining existing structural elements)
  • Design and specification of regionally produced materials
  • Design and specification of certified wood products and rapidly renewable materials
  • Design and specification of materials with high recycled content
  • Design and specification of low-emitting materials


  • UPS Worldwide Logistics, Louisville KY
  • Chick-fil-A (various)


Willett Engineering Company has over 150 years of combined engineering experience. We encourage all of our engineers to use environmentally sustainable practices and achieve LEED accreditation. To learn more how we can help with your next project contact us.


As structural engineers we specialize in new building design and drafting for architects and contractors. Our designs have won awards and recognition from Build Georgia, Atlanta Urban Commission and other organizations. We are committed to the future of structural design with a focus on environmental sustainability, disaster resistance, security, earthquake hazard mitigation and performance-based engineering. 

During surveys of existing construction our engineers will inspect foundations and footing and other structural elements to identify any potential structural problems. For more details about the types of investigations and reports we provide follow the links below.

  • Structural Steel Design
  • Timber Frame Design
  • Foundation Design


With more than 150 years of combined engineering experience, we have the expertise and knowledge to handle the most demanding design challenges involved with any project. Our current portfolio includes commercial, government, education and other industries. In addition we have worked with a variety of materials including, masonry, steel and timber.


Our team is known for our collaborative, innovative and sustainable approach to structural design. Each structural engineer is a registered Professional Engineer well versed in the analysis and engineering of new structures.



We provide architects and contractors with the best technology available. Our office is fully equipped with an extensive library of engineering and drafting software. This network allows for a seamless and highly productive exchange of information between us and our clients. Although we appreciate the importance of technology, we see software only as a tool that cannot be substituted for knowledge gained through experience.


Our highest priority is our relationship with clients. We work with you to build a safe, livable, healthy, and economically feasible community. If you are looking for a structural engineer for existing or new building design contact us. Our offices are conveniently located just 20 minutes from the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.


Structural analysis is a critical step in assessing the integrity of an existing site or determining the best approach to historic renovations. At Willett Engineering we are committed to using structural engineering best practices to provide a thorough and complete evaluation of existing buildings. Our advanced structural analysis services include inspections, failure analysis and forensic engineering services.


During surveys of existing construction our engineers will inspect foundations and footing and other structural elements to identify any potential structural problems. We provide Construction Inspections and Special Inspections.


We provide structural evaluations of existing buildings to determine the stress and load capabilities of materials.  Sometimes an analysis is performed on a specific stress point due to a known incident such as a fire or water damage. At Willett Engineering we are committed to adhering to the latest building and design codes during failure analysis and other assessments. We offer Rehabilitative & Renovation Analysis and Structural Failure Analysis.


We provide forensic consulting for lawyers, property managers, contractors and architects. When selecting a forensic engineer it is important to select an expert in materials and components. Our experience and certifications allow us to provide a viable expert witness testimony. Consult our engineers to find answers and economical solutions for your structure.



If you are interested in our services or would like a cost estimate of our inspection and analysis services please contact our team today or fill out a contact form and someone will be in touch with you.


Willett Engineering Company specializes in structural design and analysis of historical preservation sites. Our principal engineers combined have over 150 years of experience in structural engineering and have completed numerous historic renovation projects across the Southeast.  We have been recognized for excellence in restoration and rehabilitation by the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation. Our expertise and unique philosophy have made us a sought after consultant for many historic building preservations and inspections.  

Willet Engineering provides renovation design and analysis to preserve historic buildings and structures.

  • We ensure that structures remain safe while preserving the original construction and design that make these sites unique.
  • We understand that each historic preservation project comes with distinct challenges. To exceed expectations, we employ the latest computer software and are committed to quality assurance before and after construction takes place.
  • Each historic structure is reviewed by a Principal Project Manager relying on the principles of dependability, resourcefulness and technical innovation.
  • Upon completion of the project, it is inspected by an experienced engineer for preservation code compliance and quality standards.


Our Project Managers have been involved with jobs that have required the investigation of existing structures for renovation and/or rehabilitation. They are familiar with an array of construction methods, and have analyzed structures over 100 years old. Some historic renovation projects have required the development of new methods of structural problem solution and retrofit techniques.


Among our many historic preservation projects are the historic Brawner Hall in Smyrna, Georgia (built in the 1900’s) turned multi-use, the restoration of Freeman’s Mill, a grist mill originally constructed between 1868-1879, and the rehabilitation of the 1850’s Chesser-Williams House in Gwinnett County.  We are proud of our involvement in the restoration and preservation of the Pleasant Hill historic district in Macon, Georgia, and we look forward to lending our expertise to future preservation endeavors.


To learn more about our experience and services view our historic preservation portfolio or contact us today.


Our office is fully networked with an extensive library of engineering and CAD software. With more than 20 different engineering software packages available, we can provide our clients with the very best engineering services available. 

From simple footing design to highly complex finite element analysis, we use the latest cutting-edge software to maximize our services on each project. Due to the increased demand for exchange of electronic files and documents, we realize the importance of software compatibility with our clients. 

From Microstation, to AutoCAD, to Revit, we have the capability of working with and providing whatever format of information clients require. This allows for a seamless and highly productive exchange of information between us and our clients. Even with today's fast-paced work environments, we still understand and respect the relationships we share with each individual client. 

Although we appreciate the importance of technology, we see software only as a tool. At Willett Engineering, we feel nothing can substitute for the knowledge gained through experience.